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GS Questions Asked on 8th August in SSC CGL 2017

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GS Questions Asked on 8th August in SSC CGL 2017
1) who is known as light of asia(history)?
2) founder of nalanda university?
3) Qutub minar re-built by?
4) vasco da gama from??
5) president of gadhar party??
6) first non communist country to recognised china as a communist state in 1950?(v imp)
7) ashok meheta committee related to?
8) first woman speaker of lok sabha?
9) highest lok sabha seat(state)?
10) luni river flow in which state?
11) meghna river in india known as?
12) 4th largest planet of aur solar system
13) car and petrol is a ____demand
14) RBI nationalised in which year?
15) why tungsten is used in electric bulbs?
16) graveyard of RBC called?
17) bile is produced by_____and stored in______?
18) colour of our sun(carefully)?
19) what is sukhoi?
20) 23 june is observed as?
21) study of moon is known as?
22) chetan anand related to which sport?
23) headquarter of Asian development bank(city)?
24) malbar exercise currently held between india,______and_______?
25) in which state demand for separate gorkha land arise???



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